The canvas of horticulture in Odisha is broad based and multifaceted with fruits, vegetables, potato, tubers, ornamentals, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices, plantation crops and mushroom. Horticulture and Plantation sector is widely heralded as sunrise sector that provides the dynamic tool for improving economic conditions of the farmers and entrepreneurs, creating diversification opportunities with high value crops, increasing the productivity of land, providing nutritional security, generating employment, ensuring ecological sustainability and enhancing the export earnings. Analysts are of the view that the emergence of Agri - Business ventures in India, is directly correlated to the progress in the plantation and horticulture sector.
    Main objectives:
    a) Promote holistic growth of horticulture sector, including mango & coconut through area based technology         promotion,   extension, post harvest management, processing and marketing in Odisha through its diverse agro-         climatic features;
    b) Encourage aggregation of farmers into farmer groups like FIGs/FPOs and FPCs to bring economy of scale and          scope.'
    c) Enhance horticulture production, augment farmers' income and strengthen nutritional security;
    d) Improve productivity by way of quality germ plasm, planting material and water use efficiency through Micro          Irrigation.
    e) Support skill development and create employment generation opportunities for rural youth in horticulture and          post harvest management.
    f) Growth of the horticulture sector covering fruits, vegetables, root & tuber crops, mushrooms, spices, flowers,         aromatic plants, coconut, cashew.