Odisha is a Maritime State with vast scope for development of freshwater, brackish water and marine fisheries. Fishing in rivers, ponds, tanks, Chilka Lake, Bay of Bengal have been the major sources of food along with rice for the people of Odisha.
    The fisheries potential of Odisha is 5, 13,667MT. About 4 percent population (16.96 lakh) depends upon fisheries for their livelihood. Of them, 8.90 lakh depend on inland fisheries and 8.06 lakh on marine fisheries. The fisheries sub-sector contributed about 6 percent to the GSDP share of the Agriculture Sector for the year 2012-13 (advanced estimate).
    During 2012-13, fish production in the State was 410.04 TMT, valued at Rs.4490.24 crore. The value of fish production has increased by 12.49 percent over 2010-11(i.e. Rs. 2,748.44crore). The value of Inland and Marine fish production has increased by 14.07 percent and 6.92 percent respectively during same period. The increase in Inland fish production has come mainly from tanks and ponds (culture fisheries) and reservoirs (Stocking cum capture fisheries).   

Fish Production in Major States During the year 2012-13

S.No. State Production (‘000 MT)
1 Andhra Pradesh 1808.08
2 West Bengal 1490.02
3 Gujarat 786.09
4 Kerala 633.49
5 Tamil Nadu 620.4
6 Odisha 410.04
  India 9019.15

Source: Handbook on Fisheries Statistics, 2014