Why Invest in Agribusiness & Food Processing Sector

•    Odisha possesses 10 agro-climatic zones and 8 major soil types. The average rainfall is 1452 mm of which about 80% is confined to monsoon months. It has a long coast line of 480km with continental shelf area of 24,000 sq. km along the Bay of Bengal. State is endowed with rich marine water reserves, perennial rivers and substantial water bodies. A leading producer in the following sectors: 

Agriculture and Horticulture:
Odisha is a major producer of rice, pulses, vegetables, oilseeds, cotton, groundnut, coconut, cashew nut, jute, spices, potato and fruits.
    Odisha is first State to declare poultry as an agricultural activity. The sector has been growing at the rate of more than 20% per annum. Presently Odisha has  more than 21 million poultry birds. Huge potential for investment in   commercial  layer farm as there is large demand of eggs in the state.
    Inherent production advantage owing to the vast coastline and inland water   bodies. Sea food  exports have jumped from INR 886 crore in 2012-13 to INR  1,817 Crores in 2013-14- an increase of 105%. Contribution in national     exports also increased from 2.5 % in 2008-09 to 9% in 2013-14. Major producer of cultured shrimps.
    Milk consumption trends in the state and per-capita availability indicate potential  opportunities for investment in the future. Huge potential for creation of additional     storage and processing capacity  for milk as well as value added products.
    Immense potential for setting up of agro and food processing industries.
    Availability of skilled manpower
    High quality physical infrastructure
    Supportive State government policies and incentives